Adult Discipleship Workshop

"Can I Trust the Bible?"

Have you ever taken someone at their word only to be disappointed? After relying on advice from a close friend; have you later found their story was only half true? We become disillusioned when information that appears true is eventually exposed as false or incomplete. This is particularly painful if we have made life decisions based on the guidance we believed was correct. 


What about the Bible? At MCC we believe that the Bible, in its entirety, is divine revelation. Our belief statement declares that we, at MCC, submit to the authority of Holy Scripture, acknowledging it to be inerrantly inspired by God and carrying the full weight of His authority. As Pastor Travis says, “Hear now, the very words of God”.


We believe it to be true... and we base our life choices on this. Why? How? Why can we trust the Bible?  The stakes are high – we have chosen to follow a crucified carpenter and adapt our hearts and actions to align with Him. Even the apostle Paul declares we are to be pitied fools if the gospel foundation is in fact a sham. (1 Cor 15)


The Adult Discipleship Committee invites you to join us for a workshop to explore the veracity and origin of Scripture. Can I Trust the Bible? will be the first of a series of workshops providing opportunities for us to grow in our knowledge and love of God.

Thursday  |  October 28  |  7pm

Speaker: Pastor Don