An Adult Discipleship Workshop

"The Bible - In Living Color"

Not everyone has an opportunity to go to the Holy Land, so MCC has decided to bring the Holy Land to Medway! On Thursday March 31 at 7:00pm, Jason Ragain will be leading a workshop called “The Bible - In Living Color - Using the Geography of Bible Lands to Contextualize the Bible and Understand our God”.  Jason, a previous pastor and current Navy Chaplain, will teach how geography and agriculture played a key role in the formation and political structure of the Holy Land and how this impacted Jesus’ ministry.

Our March 31st workshop will provide an opportunity for attendees to dive into some details of the Biblical text - everyday realities experienced by the authors but sometimes hidden to us. Jason is an exceptional teacher; you will leave this event with new tools to better understand Scripture and a greater appreciation and understanding of our ever-present God.