MCC Adult Classes

Winter/Spring 2020

Beginning January 26, our Christian Education team will be offering three adult courses for the Winter/Spring trimester. The classes meet for six or seven Sunday evenings, from 5:00 - 6:30pm, simultaneous to KiC@Nite and Junior High Youth Group.  


MCC Inquirers Course (100 level): Inquirers is designed for new folks who want to know more about MCC as well as those curious about church membership. The Winter/Spring course meets for six Sunday evenings from January to March (with a break for the Super Bowl and President's Day). This year, we'll begin on Sunday, January 26, at 5:00pm.  The Inquirers Course lasts for 90 minutes each week, meets simultaneous to KiC and JH Youth Group, and incorporates teaching time together with laid-back, informal discussion. Click Here to Register.

Pounding the Pavement: Evangelism for Everybody (200 level): We talk about living on mission on our Frontlines, but how do you actually share the Gospel? Where do you start? What verses should you use? How do you give share the Good News to others in a way that is gracious? If you've ever asked these questions, join Rindo and Cheryl Barese as they equip you to effectively communicate the most life-changing news in history. Register by Clicking the Link Below.

Build Your Core (300 level): This class will give an in-depth look into topics of systematic theology, or "core" doctrines. Join a dynamic group of teachers as we seek to understand core doctrines of our Christian faith. Topics will include the Doctrine of the Church and the Doctrine of Future Things.  Register by Clicking the Link Below.


MCC's Christian Education (CE) team is committed to offering three levels of education that serve all stages of adult development:  

  • 100 Level - Exploring Christ:  These classes provide a solid foundation for new guests, new believers, new members, and those wanting to revisit the basics.
  • 200 Level - Growing in Christ:  These classes cover Biblical and practical topics for those both new and not so new to MCC, who are looking to continue their growth.
  • 300 Level - Centered on Christ: These classes drill down deeper into more specialized topics and/or doctrinal questions.