Children's Ministries

Our Children’s Ministry programs are designed to help form and support the spiritual values that are a critical element in the character development of a child. We endeavor to treat each child with love, while presenting strong, Christ-centered programs and Biblical curriculum. Below are several opportunities we offer for children to build a better relationship with God, family, and their community. Contact Lori Allen, our Director of Children's Ministries, to find out more (  


At MCC, we want to equip parents to teach their children how to follow Jesus. In the link below you will find more information and downloads to teach your children. It is updated every single week, and will be a fun activity for you and your children to do together.

KiC A.M.

(KiC stands for Kids in Community)

MCC provides a high energy worship experience for children using the Christ-centered Gospel Project curriculum.  

  • Nursery care is available for the entire service.  
  • 3yrs through 5th grade stay in the sanctuary for about 25mins and are then dismissed prior to the start of the sermon.

Pre-service electronic check-in 

available in the main hallway.

Some people see the Bible as a collection of stories with morals for life application. But it is so much more than that. Sure, the Bible has many stories, but it is also full of poetry, history, songs, prophecy, letters — even a love letter. When you tie it all together, something remarkable happens. A GREAT story is revealed. One story. The story of redemption through Jesus. Every week, this story comes to life through video, music, activities and more.


(KiC stands for Kids in Community)

Each Sunday evening from 5:00 - 6:30pm MCC provides a high energy community experience for children. KiC@Nite helps kids build healthy relationships with caring Christian adults, peers and most importantly, Jesus Christ. We are Christ-centered, Gospel-rooted and kid-focused. We begin with a large-group celebration, then jump into age specific small-groups where children experience a deeper exploration of the Bible. At the end of each evening, everyone reunites for a closing celebration with upbeat worship.

  • KiC@Nite (4yrs old - 3rd Grade):   It's like having VBS every Sunday with upbeat, high-energy Bible learning with fun, interactive worship, cool games, skits, crafts and experiments giving unique ways to explore the Bible hands on! Kids will spend their time doing the Bible lesson, not just listening to it.
  • KiC 45 (4th - 5th Grade) :  Kids explore their faith and life together in a fun, energetic and exciting setting. Games will be a feature each Sunday. Kids learn answers to the tough questions preteens face about God, themselves and others.  

Vacation Bible School

July 19 - 23, 2021

Every July our front lawn becomes a mass of energy as children and volunteers gather for the most exciting week of the year!  Vacation Bible School is a singing, shouting, crafting, and dancing trip back in time where we explore Biblical themes and narratives that point us to Jesus Christ. 

To register children who will be entering kindergarten through fifth grade, click here.

Fair warning: because of space limitations, we have to cap registrations.