Our church is blessed with a high-capacity, fun-loving group of men and women on staff.  At MCC we hire based on three overarching criteria:  character (Godliness), competence (developed skill sets), and chemistry (plays well with others).  Together, these servant-hearted folks below form our ministry staff.

  • Travis Bond

    Senior Pastor | Teaching & Vision


    Raised in New Hampshire, Travis did his undergrad work at Grove City College (Western PA), earned a Masters of Divinity at Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary (Pittsburgh), and his Doctorate at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (Boston's north shore).  His style of ministry is “don’t take yourself too seriously, take God very seriously.” 

    Travis pastored a PCA church in South Carolina for six years before joining our staff in 2010.  He brought along his wife Sarah and a slew of beautiful daughters. When he's not chauffeuring children, Travis enjoys dark roast coffee and presidential biographies. He loves family camping, downhill skiing, and watching the Pats. Full disclosure: Travis lives in a divided household – he inadvertently fell in love with, and married, a Steelers fan. 

  • Carl Schultz

    Associate Pastor | Care & Administration


    Carl has been a member of Medway Community Church since 1993.  He served in an interim role for 2 1/2 years and was then ordained as Associate Pastor in 2011. Carl graduated from Houghton College with a double major in Bible and Christian Education. In 2012, he completed his Masters of Divinity studies at Gordon-Conwell, and followed with a Th.M in 2015.  

    Carl’s philosophy of ministry is to “have the heart of a shepherd, the attitude of a servant, and dependence on the Lord for everything.” Carl has been married to the love of his life, Jean, for over 25 years and they have two children, Carl Jr. and Annika. Carl enjoys going to the movies, spending time with the family in Bar Harbor, and the "occasional" cup of coffee.

  • Bill Fox

    Director for Discipleship & Enfolding


    Bill has been a member of Medway Community Church since 2011 and joined the staff in Jan of 2022. He has served within our youth ministry, Christian Education team, worship band, peacemaker ministry, morning prayer team, community group leadership, sabbatical preaching team, and Elder Board. Bill acquired a Design Certificate in Boat & Yacht Design at The Landing School in Maine, completed his Bachelor of Science at Northeastern University, and is now pursuing a Masters of Ministry Arts at Gordon-Conwell.  

    Bill’s mission is to humbly serve, teach and lead others towards building a relationship with our Savior Jesus Christ. He is married to Heather and together they have three grown children, two beautiful Labradors, and one pop up camper! When he is not behind a set of drums, he loves watching movies, reading books and spending time outdoors with his family.

  • Robin Fox

    Director of Music Ministries


    Robin came to Christ in childhood and began leading worship music at St. Josephs Church in Charlton at the ripe old age of 10 (guitar and vocals). Through one of the several music groups she performed with in her 20's, Robin was blessed to meet her accomplished pianist, and Christian husband, Charlie. The Foxes have been a musical team ever since. Since their daughter married and moved to Texas, the Foxes currently reside with their 2 collies in a geodesic dome in Holliston.

    On full-time staff since 2011, Robin's approach to music in worship is that "whether we sing, play, or just listen, music goes to the heart - and all Glory goes to God!" Robin and her family love the outdoors. She grew up with five brothers and a dad who guarded General Patton!  In her own words, "I can't craft, or darn a sock, but I'm a straight shooter at the range.”

  • Adam Bridges

    Director of Youth Ministries


    Adam studied at New England Bible College, where he graduated in 2010 with a Bachelor’s in Christian Ministry. While in college, Adam completed an internship in youth ministry, discovering a natural giftedness with teens. He also served two summers at Camp Berea in NH, where he met his wife Christina.

    After graduating college, Adam moved to Cape Cod to serve as a full-time youth director; he also began work on his masters at Gordon-Conwell. In January 2013 Adam began his ministry here at MCC. You’ll often find him typing youth lessons, studying dead languages, or sleeping. When none of that is happening, Adam likes mini-golf, basketball, an occasional video game, skiing, snowboarding, biking, longboarding, and laser tag.   

  • Cathy Taylor

    Director of Women's Ministries


    Cathy has been attending MCC since 2003, joining the church staff in 2013. The small Adirondack town of Ticonderoga, NY was where she spent her childhood before heading to Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) for a BS in Chemical Engineering and four years on the women's basketball team. It was at WPI that she met her husband Shawn. After WPI, they headed to Chicago, where Cathy earned an MS in Information Systems from DePaul University before heading back east to Franklin, MA in 2001.

    Once back east, Cathy and Shawn were blessed with three fantastic children (Katelynn, Rachael and Ryan) and an increasing love for their new church home. She jumped into service, putting her left-brained tendencies to work in various ministries while growing in her understanding of the Lord through women's Bible studies. Cathy loves to cook and work out, and can still be found on the basketball court from time to time. She loves watching the Pats and, get ready folks...the YANKEES!* 

    *Senior Pastor's Note:  Sanctification is a process, and we are hopeful that with time, and much prayer, Cathy's spiritual maturity will grow beyond support for the Yankees. 

  • Lori Allen

    Director of Children's Ministries


    Since the Allen’s first became part of MCC in the summer of 2014, Lori and her husband Todd have been active and enthusiastic members of the church family. Lori was raised in a Christian home and came to Christ at an early age. In her free time, Lori loves to spend time with her family, get coffee with friends, read, work out, eat chocolate, and watch the Pats.


    Along with an unmistakable love for Christ and service to the local church, Lori brings to this staff position a strong set of related educational and workplace qualifications. Lori completed a Bachelors in Early Childhood Education from Gordon College and acquired certification as a Wilson Reading System Tutor. She has served as classroom teacher in the public school system (Wenham and Beverly) and as a home educator for her two daughters. Lori also brings experience as a children’s ministry director at another church in our region.

  • Jo-Anne Platt

    Office Manager


    Born and raised in a Christian home, Jo-Anne immediately knew MCC was the family God had chosen for her when she moved back to the area in 1992.  Jo-Anne earned a BA from Bryant College with a major in Accounting then worked in the private sector before raising her family. She joined our office staff in 1998.

    Jo-Anne and her husband Geoff are the proud parents of two young adults, a daughter and a son. When she’s not in the church office, Jo-Anne enjoys harassing family and friends with camera in tow, attending her son’s concerts, and crafting cards and gifts.

  • Jo Young

    Children's Ministry Assistant


    British born and raised in Stoke-on-Trent in Staffordshire, Jo got a Bachelor’s of Geography & Earth Science in London (where she played Rugby!) and a Masters in Children's & Family Ministry from Bethel Seminary in Minnesota.  Jo joined our team in 2019, although if you add it all up, she's been part of kid’s ministry for about 18 years.  Jo also writes both curriculum and events she hopes to compile into a book one day.  

    Together with her husband Andy, the Youngs have raised two American-born kids with British accents. Jo has a life goal to own a small food van that sells tea and homemade English cakes.