Costume & Candy Stroll

October 31  |  4-6pm

Join us for MCC’s First Ever Costume and Candy Stroll in our back parking lot!   We will be providing a family-friendly, community-focused, alternative to trick or treating. Kids can come in costumes and stroll through our parking lot, getting candy from different decorated vehicles/stations. We are committed to make this a great and safe event for the community.  See guidelines below for those providing the vehicles and those attending as guests.

Guidelines for Vehicles

  • Get creative and decorate the trunk of your car with whatever theme you decide - just remember this is a family-friendly, community event! Have some fun and dress up in costume to go with your theme if you like. Prizes will be awarded for best costume and best trunk decoration. Never done this before? CLICK HERE for some examples of what others have done.
  • Purchase some candy to distribute. Ensure all candy is individually wrapped and place a couple pieces of candy in individual bags (ziplocks, plastic bags, small paper bags).  Wash your hands thoroughly and/or wear gloves while you are preparing the bags. 
  • On the day of the candy stroll arrive between 3-3:30PM to park in a designated spot and get set up.  Feel free to play/bring music if you like.  
  • Place your bags of candy either in the trunk or your car or in a table placed outside your trunk. Make sure the bags are spaced apart from each other. Wear gloves or sanitize your hands prior to placing the bags in your trunk/on your table.
  • Put your mask on and practice social distancing while kids retrieve candy. 
  • Masks are required for all those at the church who are 5 or older.
  • Greet trick or treaters as they come around, compliment them on their costumes, have fun!

Guest Guidelines

  • Park in the front church parking lot and put on your costume. Bring a candy bag and follow the signs to the back parking lot.  
  • A staff member will be there to greet you and will be watching to make sure the trick or treating area is not too crowded.  We will be encouraging social distancing.
  • When the staff member tells you to begin, start the trick or treating! 
  • Parents may accompany children on the stroll. Adults and kids over age 5 are asked to wear to masks as they trick or treat.
  • Kids are invited to grab a bag of candy at each stop on the stroll (they will be individually bagged and spaced). Parents, please note that bags will have individually wrapped candy. The candy may contain nuts or other allergens so please monitor your allergic children.
  • The stroll is a one-way, u-shaped walk through the decorated lot. Exit through the designated exit and head back to the front parking lot.
  • Have fun!